About Silky Skin

Silky Skin is located at 2032 Thompson Court, Suite 2, Montrose, CA 91020. The company is owned and operated by Elsa McCarthy, a California Licensed Esthetician and a Certified Dermatech. Trained by Colleen Moon, Creator and Developer of Premiere Collection Cosmetics, Elsa has received her Certificate of Completion from Nutronix International. She strongly believes in improving her skin care knowledge for the benefit of her clients. She has also received a Certification from Grace Albert Aesthetics for Female Brazilian Waxing and Tip2Toe Body Waxing.

Elsa’s previous career in real estate and property management has allowed her to provide outstanding care for her clients. Her interest in skin care came about after years of using over the counter and prescription products ,without much success, to remove melasma on her forehead and cheeks. She noticed that these products only temporarily removed her melasma and at the same time created dryness, fine lines, and rough texture. So while researching, she learned Colleen Moon was scheduled to give a webinar on the subject. Since then, its been a long gone history!

Her passion resides is educating women, men and children on the importance of keeping their skin healthy for the benefit of the body and mind. Her philosophy is not to only provide facial treatments, but to follow up and counsel. Elsa’s clients have expressed complete satisfaction, not only with their amazing results, but also with her professional demeanor and etiquette in the spa room.

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