Facial Treatments

Elogen (Signature) Facial for Mature Skin:

This anti-aging treatment focuses on regenerating the skin of fine lines, lack of firmness, lack of radiance, and uneven skin tone by using high stable form of Vitamin C that helps the skin cells in the production of collagen. This facial includes aromatherapy steam, cleansing, exfoliation, facial massage. Extractions, if necessary, and applying skin firming mask that exfoliates gently to help lift excess dead surface cells as it lightens the appearance of brown spots. -- One hour $85.00

Skin Soothing Facial:

This relaxing facial is specially designed for skin that has low tolerance of environmental stress and exposure, skin that easily burns and itches, sensitive to certain cosmetic ingredients. This treatment helps balance the skin by hydrating the skin and providing comfort with its natural anti-inflammatory mask. -- One hour $80.00

Active Facial with Extractions:

This facial emphasizes solutions for mid-day shine, enlarged pores, acne prone skin, and rough texture. The over production of oil at any age is caused by an over stimulated oil gland, hormone therapy, sun, improper diet and an aggressive cleaning routine. If it’s determined that an aggressive cleaning routine is done at home, then facial will include calming the skin to prevent inflammation. This facial includes extractions. -- One hour and 15 minutes $95.00

Dermafile Treatment and Fruit Enzyme Facial:

Fruit enzymes and Dermafile gently remove dead surface skin cells, producing a visible reduction in fine lines, pigmentation, acne scarring and sun damage. Treatment begins with double cleansing and steam, facial massage, specialized mask, serums and moisturizer. -- One hour and 10 minutes $110.00

Teen Facial:

Treating younger skin is essential! This facial purifies the skin, with steam, and an appropriate mask. -- 50 minutes $80.00

Mommy-To-Be Facial:

Congratulations on your pregnancy! This is the place for you and your baby's comfort. This is a customized facial that addresses the typical skin changes during pregnancy. -- One hour $80

Express Facial:

This express treatment allows your skin to receive the benefits during lunch hour or before your night out begins. You will receive quick conditioning or deep pore cleaning. Skin will be hydrated and moisturized. -- 30 minutes $40

Gentlemen's Groomer Facial:

This is a soothing facial for skin that may be irritated due to shaving, the environment and everyday stress. Deep pore cleaning, exfoliation and masque will leave skin smooth and hydrated. -- One hour $80

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Fruit Enzyme Facial Treatments:

All facials contain one or more of the following Skin Script Fruit Enzymes. Also depending on the need of the skin, Premiere Collection Skin Care products are a beautiful addition to the facial:

Pomegranate Enzyme:

For normal, aging, oily, or acneic skin. Pomegranate is a powerful antioxidant which also brightens the skin. It promotes deep hydration, reduces oiliness and lightens the skin from irregular pigmentation. Contains lactic, alpha-arbutin and salicylic acid.

Lemon Zest Enzyme:

For normal to dry skin with hyperpigmentation and/or melasma. Exfoliate and brighten the skin with the antioxidant and brightening benefits of Lemon. It promotes deep hydration that protects environmental damage while relieving the surface signs of aging. Arbutin and kojic provide extreme lightening capabilities.

Coconut/Papaya Enzyme:

This is a gentle enzyme for all skin types. Coconut and papaya enzymes dissolve dead skin cells revealing healthy soft skin. The small molecular structure of coconut allows for easy absorption through the skin giving it a soft, smooth texture. Ideal for dry, rough and wrinkled skin. Contains only fruit enzymes for a gentle exfoliation for the most sensitive skin.

PassionFruit Enzyme:

Recommended for skin in need of firming. This Kollaren peptide anzyme is meant to create dermal warming to firm the skin. Elastin fibers are responsible for the resiliency and elasticity of the skin; Collagen I and III give the dermal tissue its strength, resistance and firmness. Kollaren, with its tissue repair properties lhelps restore collagen and elastin. Passionfruit is an enzyme, as well as a great antioxidant to give the skin a healthy glow. Not recommended for rosacea, couperose or sensitive skin as it will stimulate heat and blood flow within the dermis.

Pumpkin Orange Enzyme:

For normal/combination skin types. Packed with Vitamins A and C, this enzyme will exfoliate and reduce oil while your client enjoys the wonderful smell of pumpkin and orange. A 15% pumpkin concentration, it dissolves dead skin while orange provides a beautiful glow to the skin.

Raspberry Peach Enzyme:

This enzyme is packed with antioxidants for an anti-aging facial for all skin types. It will create a healthy glow to the skin. Exfoliators include a low concentration of hibiscus flower and pumpkin to soften the skin.

Blueberry Enzyme:

Blueberry is a powerful antioxidant with 1% glycolic and 1% salicylic. It digests dead skin cells and softens sebum during your facial. The antioxidants within the blueberries are a perfect anti-aging treatment that will create a healthy glow.

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Peeling Treatments

  • Pigmentation Treatment with TCA Peel - $75
  • Cell Renewal Peel - $60
  • Hydrating and Lightening Peel - $60
  • Acne Treatment Peel - $75
  • *Discounted series prices available on all peels.

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    Specialized Treatments

  • Lifting and Firming Treatment - $70
  • Oxygen Infusion Facial - $150
  • Microdermabrasion - $120
  • Eye Contour Treatment - $45
  • LED Lights - $70
  • *Discounted series prices available on all specialized treatments.

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    Waxing Services

  • EyeBrows - $15
  • Lip - $10
  • Chin - $15
  • Lip & Brow - $20
  • Cheeks $15
  • Full Face - $30 - $35
  • Bikini $35
  • Underarms - $25
  • Brazilian (Women Only) - $75
  • Full Arm - $50
  • Half Arm $25
  • Full Leg $60
  • Full Leg and Bikini $85
  • Half Leg - $30
  • Back $50
  • What To Avoid, After Waxing:

    • Sun for 24 hours. • Make-up, if face was waxed. • Hot water, saunas. • Deodorant with aluminum. • Stimulating body or facial treatments • Chlorinated water. • Tight clothing for legs and bikini.

    Waxing services cannot be performed if you…

    • Are using Retin-A, Renova, Accutane or any other questionable medications or skin thinning substance such as excessive AHA’s (glycolic), etc. • Have any systemic disease such as Cancer (due to high skin sensitivity), Diabetes (very prone to bruising), Herpes Simplex (cold sores), etc. • Have vascular problems such as Couperose of the face, Varicose Veins or Phlebitis. • Have open wounds, infection, inflammation or hypersensitivity. • Have your doubts, don’t get waxed.

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    Body Treatments

    Back Facial

    The back is double cleansed and exfoliated, with steam, and scrubbed to remove impurities and encourage detoxification. Extractions where needed, massage, mask and moisturize. -- 1 hour $85 .00 With Dermafile $95.00

    Body Contour Wrap

    Helps free and remove trapped waste in the connective tissue, eliminating internal disfiguring deposits and stimulating inch loss.

  • Lose up to 1/2 dress or pant size with each wrap
  • Provides cellulite reduction through detoxifying body cleansing
  • Benefits are immediate and the inch loss is real
  • Addresses the real causes of cellulite in a holistic way
  • Warm, luxurious, pampering and comfortable
  • Not a water loss wrap - skin and body stay hydrated
  • Inch loss is permanent
  • Sanitary

  • For best results a series of 3 to 6 body wraps is recommended. There should be 4 to 7 days between each wrap. If you are overweight and on a weight loss program, a wrap is suggested for each 5 to 10 pounds lost.

    Guarantee of 4 to 14 inches in 1 hour. This is not a weight loss, but a permanent inch loss. The inches will only return if you go back to old habits. Eating the right types of foods, proper exercise, and drinking 8 glasses of water per day are always recommended.

    Cost is $130 per wrap. Discount available for a series of 3 to 6 wraps.

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